A New Mission Statement and Motto!

Hello everybody, it’s that annoying in-between time of year again.  Winter isn’t over and spring has yet to happen.  Our New Year resolutions are losing their momentum and we need a recharge to carry us to summer when we want to look fit, well and happy.

Well, Trainer’s Club can help I think.  We can’t make spring come sooner, but we can help keep your on target by providing encouragement and commitment so that you keep working on your wellness goals.  Part of this is our new mission and motto initiative that we hope will help all of us focus now and for years to come.

After a great deal of discussion and creative input from lots of people, Trainer’s Club has developed a new mission statement and a new motto.  Our mission statement will help everyone understand why we are here and what our aspirations look like.  Our motto as a catch phrase should provide daily reinforcement to keep everybody working to your wellness goals.  We will splash our motto all over the club, you’ll see some snazy banners right away and later posters and other not so subtle reminders so that you don’t slack off or get lazy!

So without further adieu,

Trainer’s Club new mission statement:

At Trainer’s Club, our mission is to improve our current and future members’ total wellness by continually providing a world-class fitness facility as well as making available the services of our premier in-house health professionals.

Trainer’s Club will sustain and strengthen our “Sense of Community” so that members regard our wellness center as their “Third Place,” a place of friendship, camaraderie, and health. 

Don’t worry, we won’t have a test so you won’t have to memorize it.  But if you ever wonder what gets the Trainer’s Club team up and out of bed in the morning to come to work, this mission statement is it.  We will work hard to achieve our asipirations as specified in this mission statement so that you, our members, get the maximum benefit from your patronage at Trainer’s Club.

Trainer’s Club new motto is:


Simple, direct and easy to understand.  This is a two way motto, Trainer’s Club commits to you, our members, and you commit to yourself.  This motto will be our catch phrase for years to come, so get used to it!  Stay tuned for more fun things associated with this new motto that we will roll out in the very near future.

Thank you for helping make Trainer’s Club the best wellness club anywhere.  With your patronage, enthusiasm, creativity and friendly attitude, you are the heart and soul of Trainer’s Club.

Just another day in paradise at Trainer’s Club,

More than a gym, your total wellness center.

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