Club Policies

General Club Policies

No solicitation by members or guests is permitted in the facility without prior written approval from management.

All memberships automatically renew unless canceled in writing.

For your protection, scan your token upon entering the facility.

Do not use offensive language or make derogatory remarks towards other members or club personnel.

No smoking is allowed anywhere within Trainer’s Club or within 20 feet of the front or back of the building.

Do not leave open drink containers on the floor or equipment. All containers must be spill-proof or have a cap. For safety reasons, no glass containers are allowed.

Club facilities can only be used during normal club hours. No members are allowed on the premises outside of these hours. Please plan your workout time accordingly, as no one will be permitted to remain in the building after closing time. Our club’s insurance does not cover members outside of regular business hours.

Do not leave gym bags on the workout floor.

No illegal substances or alcohol are allowed on the premises.

Management must approve membership for individuals under the age of 18.

Consult your physician before participating in any exercise program or taking any sports supplements. In rare cases, some supplements have had adverse reactions with certain medications and health conditions.

Sweat towels and shower towels are available in the locker room areas and must be returned to the appropriate disposal bins when you are finished using them. Please do not leave towels on the floor or benches, and be sure not to store wet towels inside a personal locker.

A $20 service fee will be attached to any returned checks or drafts.

The use of cellular phones is restricted to the locker rooms and reception area.

Do not use the saunas to dry wet clothing or to shave.

Children or others who are waiting for you can do so in the reception area only.

Clothing and Hygiene

Appropriate attire must be worn at all times on the workout floor and multi-purpose room. Appropriate attire includes sweats, T- shirts, sport bras, tank tops, rubber soled shoes, and tights. Inappropriate clothing includes all see-through clothing, thongs, sandals, street shoes, boots, and denim.

Belt buckles, loose jewelry, and garments with braids should not be worn, because these items may damage the equipment or cause you injury.

Clean workout clothes are required. The management will address any unsatisfactory hygiene conditions.

Store all other clothing and personal items in lockers. If possible, leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please avoid the use of heavy colognes and perfumes.

Equipment and Cardiovascular Training Area Guidelines

Be courteous to others waiting to use equipment by not monopolizing the equipment and by inviting others to work in with you.

Limit use of aerobic equipment to 30 minutes, if others are waiting.

Do not drop weights on floor and please re-rack the weights and dumbbells after use.

Use sanitizer and paper towel to wipe off equipment.

Use collars on free weights bars to protect yourself and those around you.

Perform exercises and use exercise equipment only in designated areas.

Contact a qualified staff member if unsure how to operate equipment or perform a particular exercise.

Always use a spotter when attempting a heavy lift.

Protect yourself and your exercise partner by familiarizing yourself with proper spotting techniques. See a qualified staff member for instruction on spotting techniques.

Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.

Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.

Report any equipment problems immediately to the staff.

Screaming while lifting is distracting and a safety issue for other members and is not allowed.

Trainer’s Club reserves the right to terminate any member if any of the above policies or guidelines are violated three times. Our main concerns are the guidelines regarding safety in the club, such as dropping dumbbells. If, after being warned, a member continues to endanger themselves or those around them, they will be asked to leave.