The Trainer’s Club adds two acupuncturists to its staff

Trainers Club Acupuncturists

STAFF PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE – Acupuncturists Stacy Spence, left, and Michelle Beeson are now providing services at Trainers Club in Lake Oswego.

The following article by Kelsey O’Halloran appeared in the 3/12/15 issue of the LO Review:

For Trainer’s Club co-owner Jenny Lakey, acupuncture treatments are a way to unwind.

“It’s just like floating on a cloud,” Lakey says. “I feel completely de-stressed afterward.”

Aside from simple relaxation, the treatments can also help patients cope with physical, emotional or spiritual pain, as acupuncturist Stacy Spence knows from experience.

“Acupuncture has really helped me process my trauma and heal from that, and let that go,” she says.

Spence and fellow acupuncturist, Michelle Beeson, are now offering their services at the Trainer’s Club to help people heal and live healthier lives.

After practicing in a downstairs massage room at the club since May, Spence and Beeson have moved to a clinic on the main level, and they are offering their services to club members as well as the general community.

The club is hosting an open house to welcome the public to the new acupuncture clinic on March 14.

“We set out to find acupuncturists because we feel like that’s a really great adjunct for overall wellness,” Lakey says. “We like to provide services that help people reduce visits to the doctor.”

The Trainer’s Club has offered acupuncture on and off since 2007 or 2008, Lakey says, but Spence and Beeson are its first acupuncturists in about three years.

Both practitioners work with patients on a full health plan, working to diagnose and treat ailments and recommending herbal formulas and nutrition supplements. They say acupuncture services are meant to be part of a complementary treatment program that may include doctors, massage therapists and other specialists.

Spence combines both Eastern and Western medicine practices in her acupuncture, and focuses on helping patients achieve optimal health, whether that involves easing chronic pain or achieving a healthy weight.

Beeson uses classical Chinese medicine techniques. She takes a special interest in women’s health, from increasing a hopeful mom’s fertility to lessening a breast cancer survivor’s pain, and also helps patients with pain reduction and overall wellness.

“All acupuncturists are different,” Beeson says. “It’s not ‘one size fits all’; it’s like finding a therapist.”

Acupuncture treatments are all-inclusive and cost the same to members and non-members. The first treatment is $150 and lasts 90 minutes, while subsequent treatments are shorter and are $100 each. Beeson bills insurance for her services and Spence provides a superbill for a patient to bill an insurance company.

Non-members who schedule an acupuncture treatment will also have access to the Trainer’s Club steam bath, sauna and showers at no additional cost. For an extra $15, non-members may use the gym or attend a group class in conjunction with an acupuncture appointment.

The Trainer’s Club is located at 333 S. State St., in Lake Oswego. Call 503-636-3900 for more information.

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