April Featured Artist – Molly Reeves

Molly Reeves

Studio: 503.697.3681
Cell: 503.724.1030

Painting is a process for Molly Reeves. Layers are carefully added upon layers as the imagery takes form, whether it’s a whispering mountain stream slipping through a distant meadow, a distant mountain horizon or a bed of flowers, each image is developed through process.

The notion that an idea can be realized through the addition of color and layers mirrors Reeves own less-than-direct path to becoming an award-winning artist. A graduate of Portland State University’s fine arts program, Reeves began her career as a painter more that three decades ago before taking a detour: Reeves put her artwork on hold in the 1980’s enrolling at Oregon State University where she earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

In the 1990’s Reeves turned her focus back to the canvas to continue her explorations of light, color and landscape. Reeves describes her style as an evolutionary mix of impressionism and realism. It is an approach that has earned her accolades from critics and peers who have bestowed numerous awards upon Reeves for her work.

A native Oregonian, Reeves is an energetic explorer whose journeys inspire and inform her work.

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