Spa Director and
Massage Therapist

My name is Jeanne Zuelke and fiber art is one of several passions in my life. Many of you have seen me around the club doing spin or lifting weights, or coming in and out of the Massage Room. My profession is Massage Therapist, and quilting is what I do the other waking hours of my life along with gardening, traveling and spending time with my large extended family.

I began sewing as a young child, having been taught by my mom.
I studied fiber arts in college, graduating with a degree from University of Oregon. (Go Ducks!) I began quilting as a way to stay connected to fellow moms from my kids’ pre-school and to keep my hands in fiber. Of that core group, I am the only one still addicted to fabric!

jeanne-zuelke-art I guess I am a “hands-on person”. My hands are either doing massage, digging in the garden or handling fabric.
The pieces hanging here in the club span many years, from my second quilt which was started in 1996, up to the present year. The Asian pieces you see are a new interest. Several of these pieces include antique kimono fabrics.

A few of the pieces are for sale. If you are interested please ask the front desk for a price list.

Jeanne Zuelke LMT

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