August’s Featured Artist – ARLENE CARVEY-KACIK

ARLENE CARVEY-KACIK has been mentored by professional painters since she was 4 years old. Millard Shepard, a Los Angeles oil painter, handed her an over-used stiff old paint brush loaded with paint squeezed from a corroded metal tube of Prussian Blue. Thus began her love affair with oil painting.

Over the years she was encouraged to continue to draw and paint and experiment with a variety of mediums by teachers and other artists. A good deal of her artistic endeavors included designing and creating sets, costumes and props for live theater both in California and the East Coast. She taught Stagecraft at Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island and over the years continued to participate in community live theater. It was there she discovered the versatility of acrylics.

Though oil paint is Arlene’s preferable medium, she has come to appreciate the convenience of acrylics: they dry faster and can be used in a variety of methods to create stunning paintings full of depth and warmth. She often uses acrylics as the base color as well as the subject underpainting even when the finished product will be in oils.

Arlene lived in Lake Oswego for six years and is now residing in the Dunthorpe area adjacent to Tryon Creek Park. Locally she has participated in the Lake Oswego Arts Festival and shown at the ReMax Equity Group benefit art show and sale in Portland.

The public is welcome to view the installation at Trainer’s Club. Carvey-Kacik’s work will be on display Aug.5 – Sept 5, 2015.

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