Biomechanics 101

Understanding the Fizz-Hics (physics) of Fitness

Third Thursday Wellness Seminar

August 16, 5:30 PM
Guest Speaker:
David Clapp, Master Fitness Trainer

What will I learn at this Third Thursday Seminar?

  • You will learn how your body is naturally designed to move!
  • You will learn about the natural mechanics of your body and how to optimize your natural body levers.

Sooooo, why is this important to me?

  • You will learn how and why to take advantage of the many confusing functional tools available at Trainer’s Club.
  • You will better understand the true value behind all those ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, resistance bands, chains and other “weird stuff” around the gym!

Will I learn how to get stronger?

  • You will especially learn that fitness is not always about strength.
  • Through understanding your natural levers, you will learn about other factors that contribute to your fitness AND, in turn, make you stronger.
  • You will learn that most injuries are the result of poor body mechanics ~ especially during exercise.

Who’s David Clapp?

David has worked with Trainer’s Club since 2004 as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Instructor for Boot Camp, Stretch and Cycling classes. David is a Master Fitness Trainer of over 25 years. He is also a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant and Professional Speaker. In his past, David has been a Professional and Collegiate Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach as well as a Professor of Exercise Science at Pace University in New York.

Casey Lakey
Trainer’s Club

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