Boot Camp party and Lake Run reminder

Hello everybody,

This is a quick reminder and update for upcoming events and opportunities here at Trainer’s Club.

1.  The Lake Run personal training package is a great deal and only needs 5 people to make it go.  You are welcome to sign up at the front desk, or simply come to the March 31 meeting, next Monday, at 6PM.

This is a great opportunity to receive professional personal training at a terrific price, just $150 for 6 weeks of training and it includes your $40 registration fee for the Lake Run.

2.  We also have an important milestone to celebrate.  10 years ago, way back in 2004, David Clapp started his Boot Camp group class here at Trainer’s Club.   Since then he has taught over 3,000 Boot Camp  classes, sometimes up to 6 days a week!

To commemorate this occasion and the committment to fitness that the class represents, we are having the Official Boot Camp Anniversary Workout this Sat, March 29th at the normal time of 8AM,


the following  Saturday, April 5th starting at 3PM

The Revolutionary Massive Boot Camp workout followed by a party 

Take a look at the attached flyer below and be sure and sign up to come at the front desk.  This is totally free and anybody is welcome.  Bring friends, relatives, associates and strangers!

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