Calling all Artists & Crafters / Trainer’s Club Hall of Fame

YAY!  It looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like – SPRING!  I hereby declare that it must be spring.  After some false starts and some really cold, wet days, it appears that we might be enjoying some nice days this month and on into the summer.  Here’s hoping.

This is a double blog so be sure and read all the way to the end, trust me it’s worth it,

Attention all crafters and artists within Trainer’s Club,

We are planning an open house art faire.  Date: Friday June 17th, 5:00-9:00pm, located throughout Trainer’s Club.  Trainer’s Club will provide libations and hors douvres.

We need your help!! This is a call to any and all artists and/or crafters attached to Trainer’s Club to display, and maybe sell, some of your creations. We are planning this as a members social event combined with an Arts and Craft sale/fundraiser.  Non-members are always welcome.

We also want to make this a charitable event, so we have chosen “Dress for Success” to be the recipient of our goodwill.    We are asking the artists to agree to donate 10% of their sales to this charity.   Sales can be made direct to the artist or processed through Trainer’s Club.   A small fee is necessary for non-member credit card transactions.

We are looking for a mixture of fine arts and crafts and we are allowing only a limited number of each type so please get back to us, as soon as you can. This opportunity to display and perhaps sell your artwork is only for artists who are members, employees or contractors. Contact Jeanne Zuelke our spa manager at if you are interested, please include your art form and your contact information.    Thanks in advance!

Trainer’s Club Member Hall of Fame!

There are lots of new faces around here recently and we are thrilled to have new members.  However, our long term members are what has made Trainer’s Club the really cool place that it has become.  We totally understand these loyal members pay the bills and make this business fly.

So, it’s time to show some love.  Shortly you will see the Trainer’s Club Hall of Fame poster above the coffee bar.  This poster recognizes all our members who have been here through thick and thin.  Anyone and everyone who has been here at least 3 years is on the list, first initial and last name.

We divided our members into 3 categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Gold members have been here since 2002 – over 9 years!  Silver since 2005 – at least 6 years and Bronze since 2008 – 3 years.  Just so you know, over 70% of our members made it on the Hall of Fame!!

Now recognition is nice, but a tangible, financial reward helps reinforce our gratitude to you, our best customers.  So, all Hall of Fame members get automatic discounts on any product purchased here at Trainer’s Club.  (The discounts do not apply to services such as training or massage)  As the poster will show, Gold members get 7% off, Silver 4% and Bronze 2%!!

These automatic discounts go into effect Monday, May 9.

I hope I got all the names right and in the right categories, but I’m sure there are errors on this first time attempt.  Don’t be shy, tell me about them and I’ll fix it when we reprint it next quarter.

Thank you everybody, this business has succeeded because of you and we appreciate it!

Just Another Day in Paradise here at Trainer’s Club, More than a Gym, your Total Wellness Center.

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