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I think our second winter is over, at least I hope so.  Now it’s getting close to the time we pump up our bike tires, break out the running shoes, float the kayaks and boats  and get our hiking and climbing equipment in order.  Trainer’s Club is right beside you to help get yourself into springtime shape!

Our trainers and group instructors are experts in providing information, motivation and professional advise on health, fitness and helping your body function better, regardless of what activities you love.  Our wellness services, which include massage, acupuncture, chiropratic care, pilates and nutrition also help create a finely tuned body ready for spring and summer.

Remember, you are never too old to enjoy the physical activites you love, Oregon and the Pacific NW are the greatest places to enjoy them.  The really risky stuff like hang gliding, bungee jumping, race car driving, well you’re on your own for those!

As we promised earlier this year, we have developed a plan to improve our cardio equipment and cardio area.  I would like to share the plan with you now that we have it completed.  Our plan includes new pieces, replacing exisitng machines and improving the televisions.

The first phase that will happen over the next two – three  months will replace and upgrade our step mill and the Stairmaster steppers.  I will also be purchasing an exciting new machine called Jacob’s Ladder.  It is similar to the step mill except you can also use your arms.  Feel free to google Jacob’s Ladder to see what it looks like, it’s pretty cool.  You should see this piece by the end of March.

In April/May I will be replacing our step mill and Stairmaster steppers with updated equipment.  We are pretty sure of the type we will purchase, we just need to iron out all the details.  The new machines will be easier to use and more reliable.

Next on the plan is to replace our four televisions with six or seven flat screens.  We are doing this instead of putting televisions directly on cardio equipment.  In talking to other club owners, maintaining the personal entertainment systems has become the number one cost driver for maintaining cardio equipment.  They tend to break down much more often than the actual cardio machine.  There have also been safety and posture issues that have been raised and are still being researched.    We should have these new TV’s installed this summer.

The next area is the stationary bikes.  We will determine the best replacements and swap them in the early fall.  Our treadmills are next on the list, we will be looking at these after the bikes are installed.  We don’t need to replace our elepticals, the ones we have are top of the line and in excellent working condition.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.  We are committed to making your workout at Trainer’ s Club enjoyable, effective and safe.  If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, please let me know, I love new ideas.

Last thing, we have a climb date confirmed for Mt St Helens of Thursday, June 23.  I will buy the permits this month, if you want to come along, please send me a note right away.  If your wondering what it’s like, there are pictures on the member computer’s screen saver from last year’s climb.  It’s a lot of fun, and a real accomplishment.

Thanks for your patronage and taking the time to read this blog.

As always, It’s Just Another Day in Paradise here at Trainer’s Club,

More than a gym, your total wellness center.

Casey Lakey
Trainer’s Club

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