Casey on a Wall Street Journal webcast this Monday

Hi everyone,

Just so you all know, I’ve been invited to participate in a panel discussion on a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) webcast about the minimum wage and small businesses here in the United States on this Monday, Feb 3 at noon west coast time.  I was selected because the WSJ feels their listeners would like to hear how a small Oregon business manages with the 2nd highest minimum wage in the country.  (Washington is the highest)

The webcast platform is on an application called Spreecast.  You are welcome to watch and/or participate.  Here is the link:

You can create a log in with your email and ask questions, or simply click the watch button at the top of the page.

The WSJ expects from 1,000 to 10,000 viewers from around the country.  I will try and do my best to explain how our business makes it all work for our staff, members and investors.

Just Another Day in Paradise at Trainer’s Club.   See you around the club.


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