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Welcome to Trainer’s Club Weekly Blog.  I’m Casey, the owner and GM here and this is my first time blogging, I am so excited!   I read in the New York Times that baby boomers are taking over the blog-o-sphere, I’m thrilled to be part of that transfer of power.  I guess we’ll see if I’m any good at this.

I should explain why I’m writing this and then sending it to you, thinking you would be interested in what I’m saying.  Most of all I want to keep all of our members, interested non-members (maybe future members??)  personal trainers, massage therapists, group leaders and staff in the loop about what’s going on here at Trainer’s Club.  Each week I’ll have a topic that hopefully is interesting and informative.  I also want to start a dialogue and encourage you to comment on these blogs.  Any feedback is welcome and will help me get better at this.  Lastly, I hope to have some fun blogging each week.

I promise to keep these blogs short and to the point, and if you opt out using the link at the bottom, you will never receive another blog from me.  A link is on the web page, www.trainersclub.com, so you can always find previously printed blogs.  Comments are encouraged, keep them clean and clever, but honest.

We have lots of projects going on that will change and improve Trainer’s Club.  I will tell you about all of them each week in turn.  This week I’m blogging about a terrific event that we held a few weeks ago on Saturday, February 6.

Some weeks ago several members, personal trainers and group leaders approached me about holding a fund raiser for Haiti Relief.  They had an idea that we could hold ZUMBA! dance class and invite a guest instructor, Rachelle Wish, who also is Haitian and has relatives living in Haiti and then ask participants for donations or sell them a raffle ticket.  I gave them a big thumbs up and off they went to round up donations, silent auction items and volunteers to help with the event.

To jump to the chase, the event, Dance for Haiti, was a big fat success!  We had over 100 members and guests who all danced their legs off and we raised over $5000 on behalf of Mercy Corps!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who attended and donated.  A big shout out to the organizers of the event, Teresa Caba, Nancy Bebek, Frank Rosumny and Molly Lytle.  You folks rock!!

Based on this event’s success, we will be planning more similar events, some fund raisers, some simply fun member parties.  Stay tuned and keep reading each week.

Well, I’m done for this week.  Thanks for reading and please comment.

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” here at Trainer’s Club


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  1. Greg Fowler October 11, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Hey Casey,

    Jan (wife) and I just wanted to thank you–and your lovely (and talented) wife, Jenny–how much we enjoyed 1) the food; 2) wine and 3) the opportunity to “East Coast Swing” with club star (and wife), Eric Zzzzz. The gathering was a very classy affair, from beginning to end, equal in good taste and comfortable atmosphere that you’ve incorporated into TC, itself! Based largely on our recommendation, the just retired Chancellor of the U of C at Berkeley (and his wife) plan to join up soon if, indeed, they have not already done so! Berdahl is the name. If they’re still not on your books, let me know and I’ll apply some gentle pressure! 😉

    Greg and Jan (Fowler)

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