Climbing Cascade Peaks

It’s that time of year when the mountains are calling. Climbing season is upon us and if you ever wanted to climb one of the three peaks close to us Trainer’s Club can help. The mountains I’m referring to are St Helens, Adams and Hood.

Summit of St Helens, Adams in the background

Trainer’s Club has a wellness seminar monthly on each Third Thursday at 5:30PM. These seminars are all free and open to the public and the next seminar is this Thursday, May 16

The topic is…You guessed it, climbing Mt St Helens, Mt Adams and Mt Hood. The speaker is your humble ringleader, me, Casey!

I will be talking this Thursday about what you need to know so that you can prepare to safely climb these peaks. To be perfectly clear, I am not a climbing professional, nor am I an expert on alpine climbing. I will not train anybody on specific alpine climbing techniques that are necessary for climbing Mt Hood. Adams and St Helens can be climbed without training for special climbing techniques.

I have climbed all of these peaks a few times and I can talk about the practical matters associated with deciding to climb.

Such as:

Permits you will need and where and how to get them

Driving directions to the trailhead and the drive time

Professional training that is required, particularly for Mt Hood

What you should expect with regards to terrain and vertical feet

How long will it take to climb and descend

What equipment will you need to climb and descend safely

Training to get your body ready for the endeavor

I will bring samples of the equipment including ropes, crampons, boots and ice axes.

If you, or your friends, are interested in climbing and don’t know where to start this seminar is for you. Feel free to invite anybody, it is open to the public.

Thanks and we will see you at the top!

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