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Greetings and warm wishes this Holiday season! This is Adam Barron, the new General Manager at Trainer’s Club.

Most of you already know but let me reiterate how fortunate I am to have Sean Massey (facility manager) and Lee Chapman (front desk manager) as part of my management team. Below you will all get to hear a little more from Lee Chapman and one of her fantastic ideas that we are implementing at Trainer’s Club.

Moving forward I will continue to utilize this channel of communication like our owner Casey Lakey has in the past to inform members and our community of things that are going on here at Trainer’s Club. I look forward to the New Year and for a couple very exciting programs/changes that you will see in January. I have had a great first couple weeks as general manager and have really enjoyed getting to know more of you. Please have a safe and fun holiday season…can’t wait to see you all at the club!

Dear Trainer’s Club Members,

Greetings and happy holidays! Through the cold, rain and snow, I’ve seen you close your umbrellas, drip water through the lobby and parade your health by showing that no holiday season, nor bit of slush, can keep you from your exercise. Way to go!

For those who may not know me, allow me to introduce myself; I am Lee Chapman, the new Front Desk Manager at Trainer’s Club. In over a year working here, I have gotten to know many of you and learned that this is a wonderful group of people, with a raw spirit for supporting each other’s wellness. I feel honored to work in such a caring community.

In keeping with our commitment to community building, we will now be featuring monthly art installations at the gym. We hope to bring in a variety of aesthetic styles, and while we know not all art is appreciated by everyone, we think that its presence might provide cultural insight, community engagement, and a new kind of fun to be had at Trainers Club. Following this email is our first artist’s website and if you would like further information, please inquire at the Front Desk.

We hope you enjoy the change in scenery!

As we toasted at the Holiday Party, cheers to your fitness goals, those who support you, and the fun you can have while doing it. I’m very excited for my new position and thank you for the warm welcome!

Lee Chapman

December’s featured artist is Katy Jorgensen, www.katyjorgensenpaint.com

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