Fall Classes are back!!

Great news!! The group classes that were cancelled for the summer are back! And they are even better than ever.

Pilates classes resume on Monday and Thursday at 5:30pm and 8:00am respectively.

The Thursday lunch spin class is back with a new name and a slightly different structure. Tate Ford is teaching it and has renamed it Core Conditioning. Here is the description:

This class will build endurance and burn calories with a focus on core, strength, flexibility, stability, and interval training. We will exercise on and off the spin bikes, centered around your core! With each class you will improve on extension and rotation for daily living activities to stay pain free.

In addition the Thursday evening yoga class is back at 7PM, taught by Stephen Brown.

Stephen is also teaching our new summer classes: yoga at 4:30 on Tues and Thurs as well as F.I.T at 5:30 those days. Both of these classes started in June and are very popular.

Come on in now that it’s raining and bring your friends. Everybody is welcome here, and you know,

It Never Rains at Trainer’s Club!!

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