Featured Artist – February 2014

Trainer’s Club features the artwork of Carrie Tasman during the month of February. The public is welcome to come and browse Carrie’s colorful pieces, which are displayed throughout the building. Trainer’s Club is located at 333 S. State St. in Lake Oswego, across from the Lakewood Center. 503-636-3900, www.trainersclub,com.

About Carrie:

I am a gardener, so I often compare painting and the process of creating to growing flowers. Just like in my garden, I plant the seeds of ideas in my studio and tend to them. I feed and water my paintings daily and watch them flourish. I move things around, composing better arrangements, and sometimes I over-water or crowd my paintings, and have to do some serious pruning. All in all, painting, like gardening, brings wonderful surprises, bursts of color, and a deep satisfaction. Everyday I head into my studio to see what new painting might bloom! I paint many dogs and cats, something that started from painting my own dogs, Chamois, a yellow Labrador, and Tully, the cross-wired pointer, my constant studio companions. I live in Corvallis, Oregon and I show at Dragonfire Gallery in Cannon Beach, and Rowboat Gallery in Pacific City, and many NW art fairs. My website is www.tasmanstudio.com

Vinyard Viewcolor CTasmanHappy CTasman

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