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In Balance Spa & Therapies

Located in Trainer’s Club

As you know the remodel is done but what you may not know as part of the remodel we built a beautiful new massage therapy room. My name is Jeanne Zuelke and I am the manager of our massage services called In Balance Spa & Therapies located in Trainer’s Club.  This spa was created so we could offer expanded treatments that would help our members with their workouts, help them unwind and help with workout and injury recovery.  With the new room we are able to offer some wonderful massage therapies that our therapists are eager to share with all our members as well as outside clients.

Yes, we admit it, we are a little more expensive than the massage chain down the way, but remember, you get what you pay for.  We offer so much more value and our therapists are way more experienced.

Here at In Balance Spa and Therapies in Trainer’s Club we offer a wide variety of massage therapies.  We have an Ayurvedic face and scalp massage, a foot treatment called Barefoot Bliss that includes a warm water soak, salt scrub and moisturizing foot and lower leg massage. Maybe you would like to try an Ashiatsu massage where Cheryl or Desiree’ use their feet while holding onto bars attached to the ceiling.  This provides a deep relaxing and stimulating massage.

If you have always wanted to try a Healing stone massage, Concetta or Cheryl will heat basalt river stones to relax your body to its deepest level. Have you heard the word Rolfing and wondered what it was? We have that too. Andy offers a deep Rolfing massage that helps align the body while increasing overall energy & flexibility. If you want to try a treatment a little more subtle, see Teresa. With her Cranio-sacral treatment connective tissue is released to bring the nervous system into harmony providing deep results from gentler pressure.

This is just a partial list of our therapists and treatments. With every massage, even if it is just our basic one hour treatment, you are met with a plush robe, heated table, soothing music and cool water or hot tea to drink. These are perks not offered at the local chain!

I personally invite you to add to your workout regiment a regular soothing relaxing massage, it is a wonderful addition that you will thoroughly enjoy, your muscles will thank you and your body will recover and be ready for action sooner.  See the front desk for appointment times.

Just Another Day in Paradise here at Trainer’s Club

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