It’s Cycling Season!!

Well it looks like our second winter may be finally coming to an end!  The cold, wet weather has been a real downer, but hey, it’s Oregon and that’s why it’s so green here!

It is now outdoor cycling season.  The first organized bike ride of the year is this weekend in Sunday  in Salem called The Monster Cookie Ride.  It is a flat, 63 mile ride from Salem to Champoeg and back.  A great start to the upcoming summer.

There will be several Trainer’s Club members riding, including me.  Look for my Trainer’s Club jersey and join us for the ride, it starts at 8AM.

There are quite a few cyclists here at Trainer’s Club and in the past summers we’ve had regular rides scheduled for members and your friends.  If you would like to join our cycling club please email me directly at and I’ll get you on the email list for the rides.

All our rides are casual and not too fast.  Our plan is to have a good time, get some exercise, learn new routes and be safe.  We never leave anyone behind like some other bike clubs I’ve been invited to ride with.  It’s sometimes feels like they practice the pirate cycling rule, those who fall behind are left behind.   We would never do that!!!

We still have room on our climbing expeditions.  Mt St Helens is on Thursday, June 24, and still has over 20 slots available.  It is a great climb, not too hard and the payoff at the summit is spectacular.  You don’t have to be a member to come, so bring your friends, the cost is only $25.  It’s the 30 year anniversary of the massive explosion, what better way to commemorate the occasion?

The Mt Hood climb is in late May or early June and is open to anyone with alpine climbing skills.  This means you need to know how to climb with crampons, ropes and be able to self-arrest a fall with your ice axe.  We will climb the popular south route from Timberline Lodge to the summit on a weekday so there will be a smaller crowd.

Mt Adams is in August and is wide open for anyone to come.  It’s a two or three day climb, long and steep.  The slide down on the snow is great fun!

Email me if you want to climb.

Thanks for listening, see you around the club or on the road.

Just Another Day in Paradise here at Trainer’s Club.

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