July Featured Artist – Sven Durland

Local Fine Art Photographer Sven Durland shows work at Trainer’s Club during July.

Sven has an eye for detail in the botanical and animal world. Using ultra-high resolution digital photography he is able to capture subtle details of nature and transfer them to large prints with astonishing clarity and color.

A native of Sweden, Sven has spent many years in the Pacific Northwest. Photography has been a passion of his for as long as he can remember. Sven retired from a high-tech engineering profession a few years ago and began exhibiting his photos at art exhibits and galleries in Oregon. His one-of-a-kind images, often rendered in a contemporary fashion, have since received many awards.

Sven’s botanical photos were selected to decorate the walls at the Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center just west of Portland. Twenty-seven large gallery-wrapped canvas photographs were purchased for installation in 2013.

Sven has been fortunate to travel a great deal with his camera. One of his most memorable trips was to Brazil and Argentina where he was able to capture some remarkable natural scenery as well as tropical birds in close range.

 “Most of my subjects are close to the lens, revealing their intriguing quality. Some of my images are extreme close-ups to the point of abstraction. Shapes and textures that are not usually distinguished by the human eye are reproduced and revealed in great detail on my art photographs. I feel that I have succeeded in capturing my image if the viewer does not recognize the subject at first glance, hence making the image more interesting and worthy of a second look.”

The exhibit is free and the public is welcome to browse. Trainer’s Club is located at 333 S. State St. Ste. W (across from the Lakewood Center), and is open M-F 5am to 9pm and S-S 7am to 7pm.

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