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Hi there, I’m running a few days late with my blog this week because I was on vacation in Mexico last week.  I spent the week learning how to water ski better and was surprised at the ages of some of my fellow vacationing water skiers.  There were two skiers over the age of seventy who could really tear it up on the water!   Way better than I ski.  They immediately became my heroes and role models.

I talked to them about how they kept themselves in such good shape and what they did to stave off muscle soreness.  Both of them said the same thing, stay active, work out and keep doing what you love to do, a lot!  They both stretched after skiing which they felt kept their muscles from becoming sore or too fatigued.  They said they have friends who still ski well into their 80’s!  Oh boy, I can ski for 30 more years!

This week’s blog topic is to let you know what we have in place to help insure your health and safety while you’re at the club.

We recently purchased a portable blood pressure monitoring device for our members and trainers.  It is located at the front desk and available anytime.  Please use it only at the front desk so that it doesn’t get misplaced.    Don’t hesitate to regularly monitor your blood pressure, it is a great indication of your heart health.

Keeping your body hydrated while working out is very important, it prevents injuries, contributes to heart health and keeps your muscle tissue functioning properly.  To help with this there are four filtered and chilled water dispensers around the club.

Trainer’s Club also provides filled and chilled water bottles to all members and guests when they arrive.  These water bottles can be kept and taken home.  You don’t have to turn them in, feel free to take them home.  Refill them at the dispensers when you need to.

Keep drinking water during your workouts, it’s very important.

We have plenty of healthy food and beverage items for you to replenish those burned up calories.  Help yourself and simply tell the front desk what to put on your account or you can pay directly.

Although we have never had a cardiac incident, we are very prepared should one occur.  In the event of an accident or a cardiac incident, all of our staff, trainers, massage therapists and group instructors are certified in CPR and in the use of automated external defibrillators known as AED’s.  We have an AED conveniently located above the water dispenser upstairs, it is checked regularly and ready to use.  Only our trained staff and contractors are authorized to use the AED or provide CPR.

Also, thankfully, we are very close to emergency medical services here in Lake Oswego, it takes an average of only two minutes for EMT’s to arrive.

Work out with confidence and carefulness.  Take good care of yourself, drink plenty of water and stretch those tired muscles.  If you need help with stretching feel free to ask any of our trainers or you can attend any of the weekly stretching classes offered in our group studio.

As I found out from the water skiers, there is no reason all of us can’t be high functioning in our chosen recreational activities well into our later decades.  At Trainer’s Club we are here to help and are and committed to keeping you active and feeling young.

See you at the club.

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” here at Trainer’s Club

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