Lookin kinda scruffy around Trainer’s Club!

Yes, you are correct, there seems to be a lot of shaving challenged men working at Trainers’s Club.  (see photo below)   No, we’re not opening a Occupy Lake Oswego protest, nor are we homeless.  We are celebrating our annual fundraiser for prostrate cancer.

 NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!  (a nationwide promotion for curing prostrate cancer).

Cyrus Monsef, one of our famous personal trainers and all around good egg along with Sean Massey, the manager every business owner wishes they had, are spearheading Trainer’s Club drive to raise $3,000 in donations by the end of November.  We can do it, we did it last year and the year before.

Now, heads up, if we can manage to reach new heights and collect $4,000, Cyrus and Sean will shave half their head, top to bottom.  You really want to see this folks, a once in a lifetime opportunity!  It will be hilarious!!

You can donate by placing a contribution right on your Trainer’s Club account or donate with cash or credit.  Please contribute as much as you feel you can.

We also have  important holiday notices coming up that I’ll announce in another blog early next week.  Here is a preview:

Thanksgiving Day: Turkey-Stuffer Huffer-Puffer Power-Pilgram Boot Camp 8AM – 10AM 

Trainer’s Club annual Holiday Party:Friday December 7th, 6PM-9PM.  Mark your calendars. 

Trainer’s Club is a Oregon Food Bank drop off sponsor.  Please bring food to these events and any other time as well.  We have barrels conveniently located at Trainer’s Club. Nobody should go hungry this time of year, or any other time for that matter!

That’s it for today, be sure and stay tuned for further exciting blogs from your’s truly.

It’s just another day in paradise here at Trainer’s Club, not your average gym! 

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