Trainer’s Club is pleased and excited to show the stunning photographs of KATIE WELLEHAN during the month of March. Entitled “Born To Be Wild,” these large-format photographs focus on Kenya’s wildlife and inhabitants. The pieces are displayed throughout the facility and the general public is welcome to browse. Artist bio and price information are available at the front desk.

Katie Wellehan was born and raised in the beautiful state of Maine. There she discovered her great love of nature and all things living. After majoring in studio art at Boston College, and receiving her degree in commercial photography from New England School of Photography, she open her own commercial photography studio in Boston, MA in the 1980’s. She worked in 4″ x 5″ format and specialized in product photography. Some of her clients included Rockport Shoe, Dunkin’Donuts and EMC Corporation.

Her career path took a turn toward corporate life, spending the next 25 years as a marketing executive in a variety of market sectors, including footwear, consumer electronics, communications and travel. During that time, she continued to utilize her photography skills to produce advertisements, websites, catalogs and brochures for each company she worked for.

Wellehan’s work has been featured on many websites and appeard in advertisements in Travel and Leisure, Islands, Conde Naste Traveler, Firehouse Magazine and Fire Engineering.

She is a member of The Society for International Wildlife Photographers and Oregon Professional Photographers Association. Since returning to her photography career, she has had amazing encounters with wild animals, explored distant places around the world, and been awed by nature.


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