Welcome Oregon Natural Health Clinic to Trainer’s Club

Hi again!  I’m still a little nervous about this blogging thing, but whatever, here we go.

So, what’s going on.  Well, I spent most of 2009 working with our steering committee on capital projects for Trainer’s Club.  The biggest project was the remodel of our retail space, putting in a new massage room next to the women’s locker room and building out the space we hoped to lease to a new business partner.

The project was completed in late 2009 and I have to say it looks fantastic.  The retail space really helps create an attractive area to shop and the new massage room is, well in a word, relaxing.  When we built the space for a partner we hoped to bring in a business that supports our “Sense of Community” and  provides additional wellness services for our members.

Well, we found a terrific business partner!  I am thrilled to announce that Oregon Natural Health Clinic, a local chiropractic business owned and operated by Dr. Judith Allan will become part of the Trainer’s Club family of wellness providers.  In addition, Cascade Acupuncture, owned and operated currently in Trainer’s Club by Ben Marx, will become a partner with Dr. Allan in the new space.

I know you will have lots of questions for Dr. Allan, so on your behalf I did an interview and here are the responses:

When will you be up and running at Trainer’s Club?

We will be moving in the weekend of March 13 and 14 and open of business (fingers crossed) March 16.

Tell us about yourself, where you went to school and how long have you been a Chiropractor?

I have been in practice here in Lake Oswego for over 12 years.  I moved here from Colorado to go to Western State Chiropractic College.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, from Michigan and Colorado.  Graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1997 from WSCC.  I was in private practice for a few years when I was asked to be the research clinic director for a clinic owned by the National College of Naturopthic Medicine while maintaining my private practice part time.  For a while I taught Kinesiology at a massage school and then finally ended up going into full time private practice.  I love what I do and am very grateful to provide these services to this great community.

On a personal note I am going to be a first time grandma this summer; my son and his wife live in upstate New York and are gong to be having their first child.  I can’t wait!!

What type of services will you be providing?

Well my philosophy around Chiropractic is a more “wholistic” approach, taking into consideration the “whole” body.  Another way of putting it is a more “wellness” oriented approach.  I think in order to have optimal health we must approach life with three components, moving, eating and thinking correctly.   Chiropractic adjustments are about creating and keeping movement in the spine and extremity joints.  After all “movement is life and stagnation is death” to coin a phrase from one of my professors.

Now having said that, Chiropractors do great work with pain management.  We are great at relieving pain in the neck, midback and low back as well as extremities.  Many of my patients come to me with headaches, backache, and a host of other pain related conditions.

The actual techniques I employ are Diversified Adjusting, which is more commonly known as manual adjustments, and yes you hear the cracking and popping, which isn’t for everyone.  I also use a low force technique called The Activator Technique.  This is a spring loaded tool that provides a low force adjustment to the joint without the noise of your joints popping.  I think that if a patient is afraid of the actual manual adjustment, well some of the therapeutic value flies out the window.  So I am very willing to consider the condition of the patient and their fears involved as well.  Every patient is unique and I want to tailor my work to each persons needs.  I also do a little CranioSacral Technique for some of my patients.

I like doing a little soft tissue manipulation to the areas involved.  Let’s face it the muscles move the bones and the bones move the muscles and I get a lot of information from doing work with the muscles weather it’s a little massage work, trigger point work or passive stretching.

I also enjoy working with my patients on proper supplements and general information about nurtion.  I will also be offering classes to educate folks about Chiropractic.

Why did you want to move into Trainer’s Club?

I am very excited to join forces with you at Trainer’s Club to offer a complete wellness approach to health.  By working with the other experts here we have a unique opportunity to provide optimal wellness plans for your members and my patients.  For example chiropractic, acupuncture and massage naturally compliment each other, with the permission of our patient/client we practitioners can talk to each other and come up with a wholistic (whole body) approach to their treatment.  If we have someone that wants to work on nutrition, we have a nutritionist right here; perhaps someone else needs core stabilization work or postural sprain/strain issues or need help with stretching or balance issue, we have very educated trainer’s, we have a wonderful Pilates studio and great yoga instructors and many other options for referrals.  But under one roof your members and my patients will have the unique opportunity to have many experts working together in their best interest to come up with their very own unique wellness package.

The potential here gets me very excited!  If you see me in the club please introduce yourself and of course if you have questions I am open and ready to serve.

There you go, please join us in welcoming Dr. Allan to our club.

Thanks for reading and please comment.  Talk to you next week.

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” here at Trainer’s Club


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