Tips on Sticking to YOUR GOALS in the New Year!!
From the Pros at Trainer’s Club!!

“The best way to stay motivated in the New Year is to choose a goal. Sign up for a run, a Spartan event or even make it your goal to fit into a certain pair of jeans by Spring. This will encourage you to have a purpose and meaning towards your efforts.”
Lori Faren, Spin Instructor

Best Way to Stay Motivated?
“Look around at all the people in your life that rely upon you. You have an obligation to take care of yourself so that you can be there for them”
– Mick Glaze, Teacher/Personal Trainer/Cancer Survivor

My way of motivating:  I take every negative thought or worry I have now as a call to action to do something positive, whether for myself, like taking a yoga class or working out at Trainer’s Club, or for someone else, like a kind word or an extra smile, or a big favor. Any positive action will do!

-Michelle Greissinger, Acupuncturist L.Ac.

The best way to stay motivated is to imagine how amazing life would be if you felt great, looked great, and had a lot of energy. Now is the time to make that a reality!
Stephen Ujjayi, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer

Be realistic about your goals and what you are willing to change and give up. If you set small goals at the beginning, you will be more likely to achieve them and build from there.”

KimberlyBarner, Yogalates Instructor

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