In Balance Spa & Therapies

Treat yourself or someone you love

60-minutes (Massage, Reiki or Creative Visualization)

July Special: Only $55

$250 for package of 5 sessions, which can be used at any time throughout the year

Reiki is a natural, holistic healing system originating in Japan that provides balancing using a gentle hands-on relaxation technique enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Shiatsu is a full-body massage that uses pressure along the 12 meridians or energy channels, promoting increased circulation, sports recovery, improved joint mobility and a more restful sleep.

Creative Visualization isa technique frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance. It is a powerful tool to reach goals that we set for ourselves in areas of personal health, fitness and overall happiness.


Treat yourself or a loved one to improved health with Shiatsu, Reikior Creative Visualization

Make an appointment or purchase a gift certificate today at the

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