Sunday Ride (Spin Class). Sundays 10:45am starting Jan 5
Don’t let the name fool you….the Sunday Ride will be full of energy and intensity, utilizing numerous spin training tempos throughout the hour long class. Start your week off by ripping through some serious calories, finally finishing off your ride by challenging your core on the floor with a variety of planks and crunches. Instructors: Laura Glaze, ACE Personal Trainer and Mick Glaze, MAT CSCS

Entry Level Tai Chi with Dave Barrett. Mon-Wed 11am starting Jan 6

Dance Fusion Wednesdays 8:15am starting Jan 8th
Get ready to check your ego at the door and let loose in this electrifying dance workout.
This class will feature a unique playlist where each song has been specifically choreographed. Each class will incorporate cardio dance movements, stretch and strength exercises. No dance experience necessary – just come to have fun and feel the beat!!

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