TRY TAI CHI! INTRODUCTORY CLASSES BEGIN MARCH 16, M-W 11am-12pm in the Fitness Studio

Try Tai Chi!

New Beginners Tai Chi Classes at the Trainer’s Club:

Introductory classes start March 16!


Mondays and Wednesdays

11am. to 12 pm.

Traditional Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan
This class offers a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Tai Chi. Yang Style Tai Chi is widely recognized as a system of exercise suitable for a wide range of ages and physical conditions. The postures are open and comfortable and the form provides a challenging learning experience without placing excessive demands on the stamina of the player. The slowness of the exercise promotes balance training and leg strength and the calm and peaceful motions provide a variety of benefits ranging from stress reduction to lower blood pressure.

The focus of the class is on the therapeutic approach to Tai Chi practice.  The goal of the class is to bring the daily practice of Tai Chi into the student’s life, as with any program of therapeutic exercise the benefits accrue to those who practice regularly. Class work includes a 15-minute warm up sequence of traditional Chinese exercises to open the joints, align the body frame and relax the mind.  The slow motion sequence is then introduced in a patient and cumulative manner. Practice, repetition, review and form corrections are a part of every class.

Dave Barrett is the director of the Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Chuan Center in Forest Grove.  He has been certified by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association as an instructor and trains directly with senior members of the Yang Family in China.  He began his study of Tai Chi at the Washington Park Rose Gardens in 1977; in 1980 he received a grant from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and spent a year studying in Hong Kong.  Since his return in 1981, he has been teaching Tai Chi at Reed College.  He also teaches at the Portland Ballet, the Virginia Garcia Wellness Center in Cornelius and the Tai Chi Center in Forest Grove.  In both 2007 and 2013, he won a gold and two silver medals at the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Invitational Tournament held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China.

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