November Featured Artist

SUPER SATURATED COLOR BRINGS HAZEL SCHLESINGER’S LANDSCAPES INTO THE REALM OF ABSTRACT REALISM. Her warm and vivid paintings of Oregon, Italy and Holland are just the thing to chase away the dreariness of November weather in the Northwest. Hazel’s work will be displayed in Trainer’s Club through November. Artist bio and price information can be found at the front desk. You can also learn more about this artist at her webpage


I discovered my passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by my childhood on the Pacific Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards of my native Oregon, as well as the Mediterranean countryside, supply the scenes and subjects of my work.

From my studio on the banks of the Willamette River, as well as painting Plein Air, I strive to communicate a sense of energy and emotion. To capture the attention of the viewer, I enhance the subject at hand, using a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large rhythmic brush strokes.

My paintings are representational of actual locations, but by simplifying the shapes of nature, I transform the landscapes into a more contemporary or abstract realism.

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