Opportunity to Use Bod Pod at Cost

BodPodThis Tuesday, January 20th, from 3PM to 8PM Trainer’s Club will have equipment on the premises that provides an accurate measurement of body composition.

The machine is called a Bod Pod, see pictures below, and it is very simple to use. You just sit inside for a few minutes and voila, you get a reading.

Body composition is one of the best indicators of overall health. This device will deliver a readout that includes your resting metabolic rate and your percentage of body fat.

Your resting metabolic rate is dependent primarily on the fat-free part of your body, so knowing your RMR and your amount of body fat is extremely important to improve your overall fitness.

We are offering it to our members at cost, which is $30 per use, a savings of $10-15.

Unless you are participating in the Weight Loss Challenge, then it’s half price – only $15 per use!

Non-members are welcome to sign up to use it for $35, which is still a savings. You can’t beat the price and the convenience.

To prepare for the test you cannot eat, drink, or work out for 3 hours beforehand.  You can wear any close fitting garments like compression shorts, sports bra, or swim trunks.

If you are interested see the front desk and they will put you on the schedule.

See you soon!!

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