Refer a new member and get your prize!

MEMBERS!! It’s time to unlock your inner referral chops! We are having a Fall Membership Drive and you can help. Trainer’s Club does very little advertising, so it’s up to you, our favorite members to find other folks who want to get fit, have fun and be part of our community.

Just so you know, we aren’t trying to stuff lots of new people into Trainer’s Club. We are interested in filling the club with good people prior to the New Year so that we are not overrun with the resolutionists (neat word hey?) that show up every January and are gone by April.

If you wonder what kind of people would fit in, well that’s easy. People just like you!! Your friends, associates and relatives (FARS in marketing speak) would be a good place to start.

We want to recognize your help so when you invite a friend and they join Trainer’s Club you get a gift bag from us that is stuffed with goodies including a one month credit on your membership, a Trainer’s Club coffee cup, sunglasses and a T shirt. (all future collector’s items I’m sure)

We also have something for the new members as well. When they join in October they will receive a Christmas gift of No dues in December!!


As I tell anyone who is willing to listen, Trainer’s Club is set up to appeal to fitness conscious adults over the age of 30. That’s not to say we don’t want younger folks, we certainly welcome any body. But our club is designed to be a bit quieter, a lot cleaner and way more friendly than your typical chain fitness club that attracts gobs of 20 somethings.

Also, we have expanded our age restrictions to allow children of members to use the club as long as they are at least 13 and work out with a trainer or their parents. We have the best trainers in the state to work with your young athletes and bring out and develop their hidden Olympic potential.

We have member referral cards and brochures for you at the front desk. Please take a stack and pass them around to all your FARS. Be sure and put your name on the referral cards so we know who to credit for being a Trainer’s Club missionary.

Thanks for all your help in making Trainer’s Club the best gym/wellness center in the region/state/country/western hemisphere!!! You rock our world!

See you around the club where it’s just another day in paradise at Trainer’s Club, more than your average gym.

Casey Lakey
Trainer’s Club

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