Retail Store with Workout Clothing

Retail Store at Trainer's Club

Providing you with the best attire and nutritional fare to conveniently match your lifestyle.

Trainer’s Club offers a wide selection of high-end, functional workout clothing; including Nike, Lija and Prana. We are the only establishment in the greater Portland area to offer these three brands together. We offer Nike and Prana in both men’s and women’s styles. Lija is a top-tier line focusing on women.
We update our apparel regularly; it changes with the seasons and is always fresh for our customers. We feature apparel for training, yoga, running, and general physical fitness.

Trainer’s Club offers a plentiful assortment of sport drinks and bars. Choose from a range of protein shakes, energy drinks, water enhanced with electrolytes, nutritional bars, muffins, fruit, and much more. The majority of our snacks are organic, made from all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

Our retail shop, featuring workout clothing for the Portland, Oregon area, is open to the public and not just to members!

Workout Clothing Store in Portland Oregon

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