September’s Featured Artist – Michael Somerscales

Michael creates large colorful abstracts using formal elements in the “San Francisco” style. Please take some time to browse our walls. If you are interested, price information is available at the front desk.

About the artist: Michael Somerscales was born in England in 1943 and immigrated to America in 1964. He received his BA at UC Berkeley and MFA at Stanford, studying under Frank Lobdell and Nathan Oliveira. His one man shows include Boody Fine Arts in St Louis, Mo, Village Galleries in Maui, Hi, and Quincy University, Il. Further information can be obtained from his website

Artist Statement: My interest in painting focuses on the more formal aspects of Art, and curiosity about the basic elements i.e. the shapes, colors, lines and textures is central to my quest. In each painting I attempt to combine these components to effect a coherent statement. The key is to evoke a certain mood or feeling, as indeed is the case in all art, and I try emphasizing scale and proportion to help bring this about. The abstract images portrayed and the area surrounding them are both equally important. The resulting space enhances the particular singularity of those features by throwing them into sharper focus and giving them room to breath. This affects the resulting mood and feeling which varies from painting to painting and very frequently is prompted by musical themes. I always listen to music while I paint as I find it both suggestive and therapeutic.

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