Class Schedule and Descriptions

Fall/Winter 2017 Schedule

Group Training & Classes:

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Bands and Balls – Come prepared for total body conditioning, with an emphasis on “core” strengthening and stabilization, utilizing a variety of resistance…body weight, bands, balls, body bars, & more!!

Animal Flow – This class fuses elements of body-weight training, quadrupedal actions (hands and feet on floor) and ground-based movements that mimic animal locomotion. It is designed to challenge participants to gain strength by fighting gravity instead of lifting weights, and is tailored to all fitness levels. You will increase mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, and neuromuscular communication.

Body H.I.I.T – A total body conditioning class that incorporates high intensity interval training. Burn fat, increase strength and have fun!

Burn It Up! – Think training modalities of the aggressive, sweaty, heart-pumping nature. By sequencing short, aggressive exercise at high intensity and repeating multiple times, there is no better way to BURN fat while simultaneously maintaining lean muscle development. It’s challenging, it’s effective, it’s fun! You have to BURN it to earn it!

Cycle and Soul – A perfect blend! Students begin this class cycling for approx. 35 minutes building stamina and endurance. The second part of class moves students to their mats, where they will be guided through a Yogalates sequence (part yoga, part pilates) guaranteed to stretch the body, engage the core and leave you feeling worked out from head to toe. Open to all levels.

Floor Barre – Floor barre takes basic ballet training excercises from a standing position to the mat. Dancers have used this method for decades for whole body conditioning without the added stress on joints that can come from working in a “turned-out” position while standing. Stretch, posture, and core work are combined with musicality, breath and dynamics for a complete mind-body experience.

Group Cycle – Our cycling workouts are designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and maximize caloric burn by incorporating interval-based drills, visualization and effective coaching techniques. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget how hard you’re working! A great workout for those of you who would like to lose body fat, maintain a lean physique, or increase your cardiovascular endurance. Our cycling workouts are designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and maximize caloric burn with interval-based drills, visualization and effective coaching. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget how hard you’re working!

Line Dance – Experience all different forms of dance from Samba to Jazz to Country and Swing. Combinations change each month. Come dance, sweat and energize for the day!

MIXX IT Up! – Total body fitness requires a wide array of modalities. Mixx It Up meets our body’s needs by combining strength based resistance training with both core work and short bursts of cardiorespiratory training. This interval based group fitness class is designed for individuals of all ages and conditioning levels. Step in and MIXX It Up with us!

Morning Madness – Jump start your day with Cyrus and friends at 5:15 AM. This aerobic class will get the blood flowing and provide a balanced workout with lots of variety and interesting exercises. If you’re an early bird, this class is for you!

Pilates – Get the scoop! Pilates will restore spinal alignment, reduce stress and improve endurance, balance and focus. And did we mention core strength? These multi-level mat classes provide a full body workout.

Power Hour – Power Hour is a traditional weight class with awesome tunes! You will use a step, mat, weights and a weighted bar to progress through every muscle group in your body, plus some cardio! Come check it out!

Rock’s Boot Camp – This class is a power hour of intense exercises to push you to your limits. We will be utilizing battle ropes, kettlebells, TRX straps, and other tools to increase your cardio and boost your endurance. This workout is designed to burn calories, build core strength, and improve functional movement. Get ready to have a blast with this workout that will take your fitness to the next level.

Rock Step – is a fast paced, high intensity step aerobics class geared towards getting your heart rate up and making you sweat! We utilize steps, dumbbells, and your own body to get a complete workout. This class will test your endurance while improving your balance, stability, coordination, and core strength.

Rock Power – is a class focusing on strength training. This is a full body workout that utilizes a wide range of equipment. You will get well acquainted with TRX, body bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more. You will leave each class feeling stronger than ever!

Rock Circuit – This Friday morning circuit is designed to get your blood pumping. We use a mixture of high and low intensity exercises with minimal rest in between to harmoniously blend both strength and cardio training. As for equipment, we use everything! We work with weights, kettlebells, boxes, TRX, elastic bands and everyone’s favorite, battle ropes!

Rock That Body – Upbeat music and a full body workout to start your day! Dynamic stretching will get your body in the mood and you’ll be sweating right away. This class will keep your heart rate up and challenge you with core and weight exercises.

Tai Chi – Practice this ancient martial art with Edward Moore. Find grace in body and ease of mind as you are guided through the forms. This class increases strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.

The Barre – This class serves up a lively assortment of conditioning exercises based on the principles of ballet, pilates and traditional exercise technique. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Find your inner abs and work your body like a dancer in a class designed to restore breathing, alignment, flexibility and strength.

TRX – The TRX suspension classes are full body workouts aimed to improve core strength, flexibility and mobility. The Wednesday class is going to focus on cardio and endurance and the Friday class is based on strength training and Monday is a mix. If this is your first time, come 10 minutes early to learn the TRX basics.

Yoga – All yoga classes incorporate various multi-level poses to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga will help you release stress and enhance concentration and immune function . These are great classes for anyone wanting to learn the traditional discipline of yoga. All levels welcome!

Yogalates – Yogalates is a core focused class that pulls the asanas of yoga and the centered movement of Pilates into one dynamic class. Create mindful work with 30-40min of vinyasa flow and develop the long, lean, lines of a Pilates body in the last 30-20min of class.

ZUMBA! – This exciting dance class tones and sculpts your body to Latin and International rhythms. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. Fun and easy to learn! Taught by a ZUMBA1 certified instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the group classes included in the membership rates?

Yes they are! All group classes are available to members at no additional cost. A couple of group classes run independently by personal instructors are also available to members at a small additional fee.

Do I have to be a member to take the group classes?

No, guests are welcome. The guest fee for a group class is $15.

Are there special memberships for group classes?

Not really. However, we have group class guest cards available for $115, good for 12 classes.