Mick Glaze, MAT CSCS


Services Provided:

  • General fitness
  • Weight management support
  • Flexibility
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Sport performance enhancement
  • Injury prevention
  • White collar boxing conditioning
  • Functional fitness

From developing State Sprint Champions to assisting Seniors with chronic ailments, Mick is capable of taking his expertise and applying it to any client’s training goal, providing a safe, fun, and highly effective fitness training experience.

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL : Schedule a 60-minute training session and mention viewing the “NEW CLIENT SPECIAL” to receive a complimentary 60-minute personal fitness assessment and consultation session to discuss training, nutrition, and supplementation questions.


Personal : Mick spends much of his time away from the gym with his wife and fellow Trainer’s Club Personal Trainer, Laura Glaze, and their two boys, Logan and Nolan. He is not only an experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, but he is also a high school educator with over 18 years in the classroom. Mick has a Masters in Teaching from Willamette University. He is a former all-conference college athlete, football coach, and has fought through two bouts of cancer in his right shoulder. He lives not only to survive, but thrive!


Train with Mick Glaze, MAT CSCS