Kim Horton

Kim Horton, Personal Trainer in Lake Oswego

Anybody can join a gym, train for a 10k, or take a yoga class to lose an inch or two around the middle. And these are all positive lifestyle changes. But in all the years I’ve been immersed in the fitness world, I’ve seen people, including myself, slip in and out of good fitness habits. Why? I believe it’s essential to integrate health and fitness practices with mind-body awareness. This philosophy defines my approach to fitness.

Using this approach, I work as a personal trainer for individuals and small groups. I’ve strive to help my clients make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes through this balance of physical activity and mental awareness. The first step is to analyze each individual to identify their potential and/or limitations. Following this assessment, I carefully design a safe, realistic and attainable program to achieve life long results.

Yoga has created a remarkable presence in my life. I continue to be inspired by its benefits. Among these are increased strength and flexibility, stress management, and enhanced mental focus. For these reasons, I infuse these same mind-body principles into my personal training programs. These programs are designed to be effective, safe and fun. Each program includes a balance of flexibility, strength, core stabilization and endurance training with a focus on proper form and alignment.

Kim HortonKim HortonKim Horton

Services available:

  • Personal Training: Individual, partner, and small groups
  • Yoga Instruction: Private, group/corporate classes


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • IDEA Health and Fitness Association Member
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Training – 200 hrs.
  • Teaching Apprenticeship – Anusara Yoga


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