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Phil Pearl, Personal Trainer in Lake Oswego

If you are ready to get serious about your fitness, Pearl’s Sport Fitness will get you where you want to be.

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With 30 years of personal training experience, and a family history of world class fitness excellence, FIL PEARL has the knowledge and practical understanding of how to help individuals reach their fitness goals. Whether working with professional golfers, busy corporate executives, or fitness minded individuals, Fil can help you realize your potential and get results you are looking for.

His career draws upon a broad base of experience including managing health clubs in Southern California, working as a fitness consultant on the local Portland morning show, A.M. Northwest, and his various magazine articles written on fitness and training. He has also utilized the vast knowledge of his father, four-time Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl; Author of The Encyclopedia of Weight Training and Getting Stronger.

With Pearl Sports and Fitness, achieving your fitness goals just got a little easier …
I.S.S.A. Master Certified

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