Tate Ford

Tate Ford Training


  • B.A. Corporate Fitness and Wellness
  • Minor in Coaching
  • NASM Certified (National Academy Sport Medicine)
  • WOFR Certified (Wilderness Outdoor First Responder)

My Philosophy

tate-ford-1 I take the time to understand your fitness goals and your personal limitations. From there, I provide an individualized attack to help you meet and exceed your goal. I am committed to providing a variety of workouts that are not only challenging, but fun – no matter what your age. My current clientele range from 10 to 86 years old! No day will be the same, but each day will bring you closer and closer to your goal.

I am also a sports fanatic. I enjoy not only playing, but also studying many different sports. I often work with young athletes, and I pride myself in taking their skills to the next level. I design individualized workouts for each athlete to strengthen typical movements in their sport while largely minimizing the chance of injury during competition. I have trained individual athletes or coached teams in the following sports: football, lacrosse, baseball, rowing, track and field, hockey and tennis.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to get started on your next adventure! tatefordtraining@gmail.com or 602-750-8970.


I grew up in West Texas as the oldest of three boys. My mother was an All-American basketball player in college and my father was a high school baseball coach. With three active boys in the house, there was no lack of adventure and sports.

tate-ford-2 I received a scholarship to play baseball at Grand Canyon University in Arizona and used my degree in Corporate Fitness and Wellness to obtain my training certification (NASM). In 2010, I was given the opportunity to start my training career at Trainer’s Club. In my spare time, my wife Nicole and I take advantage of all that the Oregon outdoors has to offer. We have two dogs – Ace, our Jack Russell and Judge, our German Shorthair Pointer.

TATE FORD TRAINING tatefordtraining@gmail.com or 602-750-8970.

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