Third Thursday Seminar – CERT training – Be prepared for any disaster

We never think it’s going to happen to us.

Everything is peaceful and happy in our little town of Lake Oswego.

We have more than 55,000 residents…. and only 13 full-time professional firefighters.

Do the math…

Who’s going to be there to help you in a community-wide disaster???

Are you and your family properly prepared to help yourselves and to help others???

Do you have everything you will need to survive a disaster???

Join us Thursday evening at 5:30 PM for an overview of the CERT Training program and why you should be involved.

You will get a brief glimpse into this amazing training program and walk away with a handful of ideas to help.

  1. Help yourself…
  2. Help your family…
  3. Help your neighbors…
  4. Help your entire community…

This talk will help you be a little more prepared for a disaster, we hope never strikes our peaceful and happy town of Lake Oswego.


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