Third Thursday – The TRUTH About Effective Long-Term Weight Loss

We are really excited to kick off the 2013 Third Thursday seminar series with Mick Glaze topic “The Truth About Effective Long-Term Weight Loss”.  We look forward to offering a year of interesting and helpful topics to guide your wellness journey… And keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of Trainer’s Club inaugural weight loss challenge benefiting the Oregon Food Bank.

The TRUTH About Effective Long-Term Weight Loss

Thursday, Jan. 17th @ 5:30PM in Downstairs Studio

Learn from the “Masters of Weight Loss “

(National Weight Control Registry Members)

Topics Include…

  • The Mathematics of Weight Loss
  • Why Restrictive Dieting Fails Long-Term
  • The Optimal Approach to Weight Management
  • The Best Exercise for Managing Your Weight
  • Why our Genes are Conspiring Against Us
  • Why our Genes are Not to Blame for our Country’s Weight Problem
  • What Successful Long-Term Weight  Loss Looks Like

Presenter: Mick Glaze NSCA Certified Strength &Conditioning Coach

Nutritionist & Health Educator of 15 years

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