Trainer’s Club and mountain climbing

It’s springtime, yay!  There are so many fun outdoor activities here in Oregon, running, fishing, cycling, skiing, hiking, golfing …. mountain climbing! That’s right, mountain climbing.

This picture is of the Trainer’s Club climbing team from the St Helens’ summit two years ago!

Trainer’s Club has helped members and their friends climb mountains each summer for the last three years.  Again this summer we are planning to summit the three major peaks in our area, Mt Hood, St Helens and Adams.   Anyone interested is welcome to come along.  Each mountain poses different challenges and they all give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit.

Here are some details:

Mt Hood – late May to early June.  Actual date is dependent on weather and climbers’ schedules

  • • Midnight start at Timberline lodge, summit by 8AM, finish at 2PM
  • You must have alpine climbing experience with ropes, crampons and ice axes
  • • No fees, simply register at ranger’s station the day of the climb

Mt St Helens – Thursday, June 24. 30 permits available, first come, first served

  • • 6AM drive to the mountain, start climb at 9AM, summit at 1PM, back home by 8PM
  • • No climbing experience or equipment needed, just day-pack and stiff hiking boots
  • • $25 fee, can be put on your Trainer’s Club account

Mt Adams – Late July, all of August.  Actual date is dependent on weather and climbers’ schedules

  • • 2 day climb, camp mid-mountain 1st day, finish by 6PM 2nd day, 3 hour drive each way
  • • No climbing experience needed.  Ice axe, crampons, stiff boots and backpacking required
  • • No fees, simply register at ranger’s station the day of the climb

Mountain climbing requires fitness, endurance and conditioning.  Talk to any of our trainers to help you get ready to climb. You don’t want to go without making sure you’re ready.  Age is no limitation, you’re never too old to make it to the summit.

Just to be clear, these are not climbs sponsored by Trainer’s Club, our role is simply to organize an outing where friends get to climb together.  (can you tell my attorney is standing over my shoulder?)

Please email or call me if you are interested in any of these climbs.  I will forward more information regarding equipment and travel details.   Sooner is better, we need plan our climbing dates, Mt Hood especially.

See you at the top!

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” here at Trainer’s Club

Casey Lakey

Trainer’s Club

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