Turkey-Stuffer, Huffer-Puffer, Power-Pilgrim Boot Camp

It’s that time again! Trainer’s Club along with Suck It Up Fitness and Fast S.T.A.R.T. Personal Training is sponsoring our 9th annual

Turkey-Stuffer, Huffer-Puffer,

Power-Pilgrim, Boot Camp

If you say it 10 times fast you will burn at least 100 calories and get your mouth ready for the massive chewing that comes later in the day.

Every Thanksgiving morning for the last 9 years we have held this charitable event for Oregon Food Bank and the OHSU Prostrate Cancer Research Center. The festivities start promptly at 8:00 AM and should be completed by 10:00 AM latest.

This is a massive boot camp with over 50 stations and over 100 participants.David Clapp of Suck It Up Fitness along with Mick and Laura Glaze of Fast S.T.A.R.T. Personal Training lead the action and keep everyone focused on having a good, sweaty, exhilarating time.

We like to say it’s a pre-emptive strike against the massive calorie load coming your way later in the day.

In a word, it’s AWESOME!!!!

This event is open to all members, guests, friends and anybody else who wants to participate. Trainer’s Club is closed except for participants and does not open our locker rooms for this event, so plan on showering at home after the event.

Be sure to bring food for the Oregon Food Bank and make a donation to our No Shave November Prostrate Cancer drive.
Casey Lakey
Trainer’s Club

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