Voomago Third Thursday

LOVE TO TRAVEL? FIND OUT ABOUT THE LATEST EXCITING TWIST IN THE TRAVEL WORLD! Experiential travel hooks you up with a local in your destination city so your vacation has the best of both worlds: an insider’s knowledge paired with the spirit of discovery!

Come to the Trainer’s Club Third Thursday seminar and enjoy wine and appetizers while you listen to Antimo Cimino, owner of VoomaGo Travel Service, describe the genesis of his company and the abundance of possibilities for national and international travel. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19 AT 5:30-6:30PM IN THE FITNESS STUDIO.



Join us to learn about experiential travel

VoomaGo lets you take part in amazing behind the scenes experiences with locals when you travel. So that when you arrive, you’re not just another tourist you get an insider’s look at your surroundings!

By planning your trip with VoomaGo, you’ll not only be able to waste less time, avoid tourist traps and travel with confidence, you’ll get to savor the warmth of the local people as well as some incredible food.

It can be anything from making tortellini with Lele in Bologna, or spending a day on the farm with Dawn in the rainforest on Dominica, or in Puglia, harvesting grapes with Vincenzo and have an amazing breakfast right in middle of the vineyard.

If you like travel that immerses you in the spirit and culture of a new place and allows you to make connections that go beyond travel photos, then you’ll be interested in learning about Voomago!


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