Water goes where ever it wants!

Hi again, I hope you are well and not letting the rain get to you.  If you are a snow skier, this weather is perfect, tons of new snow.

On the subject of skiing,  one thing I have learned the hard way, if your core is not in shape you end up falling a lot.  I have done this a lot, with style and verve, earning many points from my totally unsympathetic family, all of whom shake their heads while collecting my trail of scattered equipment. (yard sale!!)   Right now my wife, Jenny, wants me to mention the astounding frequency with which my falls occur.

Keeping your core in shape makes everything you do easier, and the laughing less frequent.  That’s where Trainer’s Club can help.  Any and all of our trainers can help you with improving core strength.

Speaking of water, I want to use this week’s blog to update you on our progress with eliminating the water leaks downstairs.  As I am sure you have seen, we’ve been living with drips from the ceiling for a long time.  In conjunction with the landlord, SKB, we have started the process to eliminate the leaks once and for all.

Our first step has been to determine where the water is coming from.  This has proven to be harder than it sounds since water goes everywhere.  We used small cameras to determine if water was coming down inside the walls from the roof, it isn’t.  We looked to see if ground water was finding its way into our basement from the rest of the mall which is above our basement.  We’re still not sure about that.

Recently we exposed the pipes under the sheetrock downstairs and then shut the water off.  This exercise led us to the two shower stalls in the men’s locker room, which we now think may be the likely cause of most of the dripping water.  The heavy black plastic in place downstairs protects against water drips while we work on the shower stalls.

Right now we are replacing the floor and valves in the men’s center shower stall.  As many of you probably have experienced, tearing into tiled shower stalls often exposes unknown and unanticipated problems.  Thankfully our only delay has been in getting replacement tiles.  As it stands now, we expect the first shower stall to be completed early next week and as soon as possible we will replace the floor in the adjacent stall.

If we are successful the sheetrock downstairs will be removed, opening up the downstairs concrete wall to be used for training.  Our trainers are excited to be able to provide new and effective training programs using these more open walls.

I want to thank everyone for your patience as we solve this thorny problem. I am truly sorry it’s taking so long, I just want to make sure we do the job right the first time so we don’t have to revisit the issue later.  Once were done  there are more improvements in the queue.  I will have more on those in later blogs.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” here at Trainer’s Club


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